If you’re looking for fire pits, Australia has a lot to offer.  After all, there is nothing more satisfying, on a cold winters evening, than sitting around a log fire and being warmed in its glow.  Man has been building fires for thousands of years to provide protection, warmth, light and to cook food.  Building fires are in our DNA, a connection we have to our past and one we will take into our futures.

My children love winter backyard fires.  They will ask me every weekend if we can light our fire, as they check the cupboard to ensure marshmallows are fully stocked.  As much as they get delighted by this treat, so do I.

I will never forget being taught how to make my first fire. Building a pyramid from kindling over a base of dry newspaper, lighting the paper and blowing gently to watch the kindling begin to glow.  Slowly adding larger pieces of wood until the fire is roaring.  Feeling almost disappointed that the work is done, no more action is required other than to sit, relaxing, regarding.  Watching shapes appear in the flames, the wood becoming different scenes for the eye to discover, the changing colours, white-hot, a deep orange glow, the warmth enveloping and calming, the smell, so primal, so comforting.

I’ve been building fires for many years now.  This sense of wonder, of pleasure, of peace, has never changed.  When I build a fire for my family, the treat is mine. With many options for different fire pits, Australia has some great choices.


Chappy Teppanyaki Fire Pit

There are some amazing Australian fire pits which you can use in your garden.  Happy Chappy Outdoors sells a variety including the Chappy Teppanyaki Fire Pit.  Designed with friends and family in mind, this fire pit encourages us to sit around its circular shape and enjoy time together.  This fire pit can be placed in the garden, to be used as a table during the day.  As night falls and the temperature drops, the centre plate can be removed to allow the fire to be built.  You can even use this fire pit to cook, if you insert a grill plate, or use the hot plate.  I can’t think of anything more ideal for an evening with friends.

Fire Pits Australia


Chappy Designer Fire Pit

If you want to enjoy a fire in a rustic setting, there’s the Chappy Flame Dancer Fire Pit or the Chappy Globe Fire Pit.  This provides a podium to frame your fire.  You will get so much enjoyment from watching the flames dance, waving and twirling in this beautifully designed fire pit.  There is so much enjoyment from watching the fire burn in these fire pits, Australia certainly has the right climate. It allows for those amazing evenings outside.  If you are looking to place a feature piece in your garden which is not only useful but attractive, this is it.

Designer fire pit - Fire Pits Australia Fire Pits Australia - Globe Fire Pit


Chappy Fire Pit BBQ

With BBQ fire pits, Australia is certainly going to be an expert in these! For practicality in the garden, the Chappy Outdoor Fire Pit BBQ table gives you the best of both worlds.  This fire pit provides you with a table in the summer months and a BBQ for when you’re hungry. Then once you’ve eaten and are enjoying relaxing and a glass of wine, this converts into a fire pit.

Fire Pits Australia Fire Pits Australia

So many of us remember the campfires of our childhood.  Winter is the ideal time to bring those memories to life and to make new memories for our children.  The whole family will benefit from sitting around a fire.  This is the time to talk, to laugh, to share. You can forget about digital devices and our day to day worries. Just enjoy the moment.  When it comes to an evening sat around our fire pits, Australia certainly is God’s country.

Happy Chappy Outdoors has a unique range of fire pits for the family who are looking for something a bit different.