Green Gift Choices

Let’s be real about this. When most of us think of Christmas, it’s spending money in shopping centres and over buying because we get caught up in the excitement and we are always thinking that we need to add just one more thing. How many of us solely think let’s make Green Gift Choices this year?

For Christmas this year, we have decided to make the most of our gifts ourselves or if we are buying, our purchase decisions will be made on the products long-term effect and value.

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s start by looking at gifts where we can reuse and recycle what most people consider waste.

Recycling Gifts

Items such as coffee pod cases and tin cans are something that can easily be discarded as used rubbish but you can turn them into gifts. Green Gift Choices here for sure.

Recycling Gifts      Coffee Pods

Food Gifts

When you make something amazing, think about who else would love this? Whether that’s something for wildlife or something for us, if it can be consumed then the gift has a smaller footprint.

Check out these amazing microgreen recipes by clicking here

Green Microgreen Smoothie      Microgreen Rocket Pesto

Handmade Gifts

Then there are gifts you can make using cuttings and what you might have an excess supply of such as pebbles and stones. We made these DIY Succulent Jars using what we had in our craft cupboard. You could even use recycled glass jars from your pantry.

If you know someone who loves birds, why not have a go at making birdseed ornaments to hang outside. Makes a nice idea for a natural Christmas tree and the gift will be consumed by the birds and enjoyed by the recipient.

Check out our DIY video on our Succulent Jars here

Handmade Teachers Gifts      Birdseed Ornament

Gifts That Grow

For a teacher, friend, family member or just about anyone why not consider a gift that grows? That way you can ensure you are making a difference. Encouraging others to experience the benefits of homegrown produce will most definitely be a green gift choice. This type of gift is one that will continue to give well after Christmas day.

Options such as microgreen kits, seed packs are just some of the ways you can make better choices.

Click through here if you want to check out microgreen kits

 Microgreen Kit      Throw Some Seeds - Bee Friendly seed pack - Best Flowers For Bees

Composting Gifts

There are many ways to make better choices for our planet by recycling, reusing, and homemade, but you can also gift something that continues to feed the planet like a worm farm, or indoor compost.

Worm Farm - Dark Green Worm Tech VermiHut Unit      Worm Tech Bokashi Compost Bin

Reusable Gifts

You can even make conscious choices where you can reuse and then add them to the compost once they are worn out, which means they can be composted back into the garden, like with these food wraps. Or even considering packaging where you can reuse ongoing like these Sinchies pouches.

Reusable Food Wraps      Throw Some Seeds Vegan Reusable Food Wraps - Beeswax Wraps Set