Microgreens are amazing vegetables. Not only are they tiny and cute but they are fast growing as well. It’s no wonder why kids just love them! Apart from the fact they are visually appealing as a garnish on most dishes, microgreens are also packed full of nutritional value. Bursting with vitamin C, E, K, Lutein, beta-carotene, they are said to outweigh their full-grown counterparts 40 to 1.

Equipt with our new microgreens grow kit we thought we’d give them a test run, to see how easy they were for the kids to get involved and watch them grow.


Step 1

Unpack the kit and read all the instructions. We quickly identified the seeds need to soak for over 6 hours in order to assist with the germination process. For our first round of seeds, we chose Red Cabbage & Tatsoi.



Step 2.

When the seeds were ready, we filled our trays with the peat, wet it down as directed, then sprinkled the seeds over the top and placed the lids on.


Step 3.

It was only a few days later that the seeds started emerging. We talked about the germination process and what we thought were the factors involved which gave the seeds life. The conversation focused around, light, water, and the lids protecting them as they started out.

Step 4.

In no time at all our seeds had grown and were ready to use in the kitchen.



Microgreens & Carrot Salad


Approximately 1 cup of microgreens

1 x orange, peeled and cubed. I used a Rudy Red variant for colour.

1 x handful of carrot, either grated, peeled in strips or Juliette.

1/4 cup of walnuts, chopped.

Avocado, diced into cubes.

For a vinaigrette salad dressing to lightly flavour the salad. I used:

1 x tablespoon of olive oil

1 x tablespoon of lemon juice

salt & pepper

& if you are up for it, add a small amount of finely chopped garlic.


Lightly mix the salad ingredients together, and drizzle over the dressing.