When the Troll craze swept the world, I would never have guessed it would end up in the garden, but low and behold, let me introduce you these awesome little Troll Planters.

Instantly my daughter went into design mode and with the awesome tribal tattoo’s she came up with this Troll Village, complete with a tribal teepee. Here’s how we made it.

What You’ll Need

1 x plant pot tray

1 x length of narrow twig screen (you can get this from Bunnings)

Biodegradable seed raising cups & your choice of plants

Sphagnum moss for the ground cover

1 x clear tray for the pool with small blue stones for the base

Coloured stones to create the path

Wire & cutters to attach the screen to the inside of the tray

Troll Planters


Step 1

Cut the twig screen in half and secure the ends by twisting them together and folding under. Make a hole in the plastic tray and work your way around the base and secure the screen with wire. You will need to gently bend the screen. Simply cut any straight pieces off that won’t bend. The troll’s just loved their new abode being built. Sometimes they did get in the way through.



Step 2

With the remaining piece of twig screen, cut it into 4 even lengths to form the teepee. Tie the teepee together with the wire. We used 2 rows of wire. A small half circle at the top and a larger half circle at the bottom.


Step 3

Add the sphagnum moss to the bottom of the tray to cover the base, and make your planters by adding some soil and the plants to the seed cups.


Step 4

Hand over the keys to the Troll and find an awesome spot in your garden for the kids to enjoy!