One of the most rewarding plant multipliers are the beautiful succulent plants. Most succulents can be propagated all year round, however during summer is the best time. You can simply propagate from a single leave or a stem, and some are so clever that they do it all themselves from a fallen leaf. One tip I can share, is that over-watering during this time will do more bad than good. To much moisture will rot the cutting, so go easy with the love. The best strategy is to let them dry out for a few days before planting into soil and while you can keep the air around the plant moist, don’t drench the soil.

I found some reall awesome miniture projects to try at home with the kids.

1. Succulent Shell Garden

Make your own miniture garden. Image by Carolyn’s Homework

The fairies also have their own hanging baskets. Try making some for the fairy garden.

or why not head to the beach and gather some shells you find and create a shell plant pot for your succulents. source

2. Succulent Corks

I live these cork magnets, so easy to do and great for the kids little hands. source 

You can also tie a few together and create little gifts, maybe for a teacher or school friend? source

3. Succulent Trucks

Everyone has an old truck laying around not getting used anymore. A great way to get the boys involved.

4. Fairy Thimbles

Fairy planters can be made from unused thimbles. I love the bright colours. source

Or you can hang them up as decoration. Hanging planters.

5. Miniture Tea Cup Garden

Now this is the miniture world of a fairy, and definately a project for little hands. source