So when my daughter decided she wanted to build a fairy cottage, there was no holding her back. She designed, selected and constructed her new fairy cottage, on her own, with mum watching on. It was hours of fun, and a double thumbs up from her and the fairies!

What You’ll Need

1 x terracotta pot

1 x funnel

1x aquadhere exterior wood glue clear

Paddle pop sticks for spreading the glue

Sandwich bags for making the square tiles

Sand paper

Easy surface prep for the funnel (to help bind the glue to the plastic)

Selection of pebbles and stones

Fairy door set

My Little Fairy Garden - door and flowers set

Peat moss for the roof



1. Lightly sand the funnel and rub in some surface prep.

2. On the plastic sandwich bags, make some squares from the glue.

3. Add small stones to the glue squares, leave for 24 hours to bind.


4. Once the tiles have formed, gently peal them off the plastic. The glue on the back of the tile will still be wet.

5. Add more glue to the back of the tile and stick on the pot



6. Position the door, window and flower pot.

7. Once secured and semi dried, start filling in the gaps with glue and single stones.

8. Create triangles with the glue for the roof & strips for the base of the pot.

9. lastly create strips of glue and add the moss. Let it bind for a couple of hours and peal it off and glue on the roof where the gaps are.


10. Find an awesome spot in your garden.