My daughter came home from school the other day and said, “Mum can I get a flavoured milk from the canteen?” I had to think on my feet, and we decided it was time to add something fun to the lunchbox.

Lunchbox Ideas

The most important thing is to choose fruit that your kids like, and test them before sending them off to school. Our recipe made enough to fill 4 Sinchies pouches and we froze them so by lunchtime they were cold and ready to go.


1 x cup of strawberries

1 x cup of blueberries

1 x banana

2 x tablespoons of Chi seeds

1 x cup of milk (coconut or skim milk)

Easy Smoothie Recipe

The Sinchies pouches are really easy to use, they have a fill line towards the top which really helps if your kids want to do the pouring like mine did. I find the kids love being part of the process, and the conversation they were having about telling their teachers that they made them themselves was priceless!

Sinchies Pouches

Very happy with their production, into the freezer they went ready for school.

Sinchies Sinchies

I love the fact that the Sinchies pouches can be washed out and reused again for the next batch. They are really strong and have a double seal so they don’t leak. It’s definitely been a winner in our house and met the need for something new and different in the lunch box!!

Sinchies Packs