Katie’s Project

One of our Family Garden Life mum’s Katie is reaching out for some ideas for her fairy garden resort. Katie and her kids are looking to refresh their multi-story fairy garden by adding some borders that will cope in a sunny position.

“This is the fairy garden I mentioned to you earlier. I’ve replaced quite a few plants now and given some room to grow until we decorate. I would love some ideas that may work for the borders of things that can cope in full sun and stay small! I will be adding another pot to it soon as well”.

Fairy Garden Resort

Katie has created her multi-story fairy garden resort with a broken terracotta plant pot. By arranging the broken pieces within the pot and filling with soil the fairies have 3 different levels to play on. More additions to their garden including miniature fairy furniture, stepping stones and a suitable selection of plants & moss.

“As you can see it needs miniature plants or very slow growers so there is some space to play with the garden! The kids love rearranging the furniture. We will also be adding a low basin style pot off to the side with another fairy house.”

Fairy Garden Border Ideas

  1. Succulents. Succulents come in all different shapes and sizes, and if planted in a row, would act as a border. Choosing succulents that are small in stature is the trick, and making sure that your remove any new pups as they come up. Different varieties will meet this need better than others.
  2. Coloured stones. Purchasing coloured stones might just be a good solution as well. You won’t have any issues with the maintenance and the colours will bring a fairy garden to life. For a little larger stone, you can also look at purchasing some paint with an illuminating effect. This brings a little magic at night time.
  3. Natural Borders. Using some of natures finest from a scavenger hunt can sometimes deliver more than you think. Even a broken piece of screen can be turned into a fairy garden fence with a little imagination.

Fairy Garden Succulents Fairy Garden Coloured Stones

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