Bella’s Fairy Lane

Fairy Gardening is a wonderful way to get kids into their own space in the garden. My daughter has been sneaking into my veggie patch slowly taking over a section and making it her own. Having children in a family garden is one of the best things possible. Children bring life of a different kind, tainted with colour and imagination. The secret to engaging the kids in the garden, is to give them ownership and autonomy. Let them create it their way, and they will build on it and share amazing energy.

Step 1:

Clear the area, cut back all the plants that are in the way, and make sure the kids give you a hand. It’s their area after all.

Step 2:

Lay down a base. This not only stops weeds from getting through, it also helps with their layout. Bella started with the bridge, and went on to create specific living areas within Fairy Lane. She also allowed space at the sides to add some colourful flowers for the fairies to enjoy.

Step 3:

Add all your fairy components. The fairies, bridges, grass, magical unicorns, seating, toadstools, animals, grassy mounds, moss, stepping-stones and anything they would love to bring to life. Ensure your child chooses some bright colourful pebbles. Don’t forget to add some real plants. Choose some flowers that are in bloom and others that can flower as the children use the area. It must be the fairy magic at work!

Step 5:

Take a look through their eyes, only to find what they have created, is a wonderful example of imagination at work.